Root Canal Therapy

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As an endodontic treatment, root canal therapy is used to heal damaged or infected root tissue. It involves removing the pulp tissue from the tooth’s root canals, disinfecting the area and sealing it to prevent further infection. Root canal therapy is a highly effective solution that helps alleviate pain, restore oral health and avoid tooth extraction.

What to Expect

The process begins with Dr. Stephen M. Taylor, Dr. Jim O. Taylor or Dr. William Reed administering local anesthesia for a painless experience. Next, a small access hole is created in the tooth to reach the infected or damaged pulp. We then carefully remove the infected tissue, clean the root canals and shape them to accommodate a filling material. This material, usually a rubber-like substance called gutta-percha, is placed to seal the canals, preventing reinfection.


Root canal therapy offers several benefits to patients. Firstly, it eliminates dental pain and discomfort caused by an infected tooth. It also helps preserve the natural tooth, preventing the need for extraction and subsequent tooth replacement options like dental implants or bridges. By restoring the tooth’s functionality, root canal therapy allows patients to chew and speak comfortably. Additionally, the procedure prevents the spread of infection to surrounding teeth and the rest of the body, safeguarding overall health.


Following root canal therapy, temporary sensitivity or mild discomfort is normal. Soreness can be managed by over-the-counter pain medicine. If you have any questions about your recovery, please reach out to our experienced team.

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